November Client of the Month: Joey Yao

Amplified client since July 2014

FullSizeRender (2)What 3 words would you use to best describe Pilates at Amplified?
Rewarding, Challenging & Fun

What was your overall health and fitness prior to coming to Amplified?
I have been an endurance athlete for many years with a focus on cycling, so I thought I was pretty fit. It did not take long after coming to Amplified  to realize that my fitness could improve, particularly my core strength and flexibility.

What made you try your first session at Amplified?
I realized that I had fallen into a rut with my previous workouts and I needed to try something new to keep motivated. A friend of mine strongly recommended Amplified because they have a lot of male clients.

How has Pilates amplified your body, mind & life? 
My core strength, flexibility, and overall muscle tone have improved significantly with Pilates. It has definitely made me a stronger cyclist and riding strong makes me really happy!

What do you enjoy most about training at Amplified?
I enjoy working with the instructors at Amplified. The instructors are extremely motivating. They are extremely good at communicating proper technique. They keep my workouts interesting by varying the exercises in my sessions and keeping me challenged. More importantly, they are really cool people who make workouts fun!

Why would you recommend Pilates to others?
I would recommend Pilates because you can get a full body workout with a focus on core strength and flexibility. Core strength and flexibility protects you from those strange injuries/pains that seem to come out of the blue. In addition, Pilates can improve your ability to do other physical activities/sports, whether you run, cycle, golf, play basketball, etc.

Any advice for other men reading your story who think Pilates is just for women?
When you see a one hundred pound woman do Pilates, the first thought might be that Pilates would be too easy for a bigger man. But a Pilates workout can be adjusted to challenge all strength levels. If you do Pilates correctly, it should not be easy. Most of my Pilates workouts leave me drenched in sweat and my muscles shaking from fatigue. I no longer lift heavy weights, because Pilates builds strength and muscle tone. If my experience does not convince other guys, I would point them to professional athletes like Jake Arrieta who relies on Pilates and is probably the fittest player on the Chicago Cubs.

Give Pilates a try! It will surprise you in a very positive way.

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