December Client of the Month: Kathy Roe

FullSizeRender (2) (1)Kathy Roe is our December Client of the Month! Kathy has been with Amplified since we opened our doors. She is one of our most dedicated clients who consistently gets her private Pilates sessions in twice a week. She is in great shape due to her dedication and hard work.

3 Words to best describe Pilates at Amplified?

Evolving but constant

When did your Pilates adventure begin?

I turned to Pilates in 2005. By then, I had moved from spinning to Pilates to recover my body from years of heavy aerobic training. Pilates introduced me to a training program that offered both a physical and mental component.

If truth be told, there was another reason for my strong turn towards Pilates. At the time, I was working crazy hours as a lawyer in private practice and not working out consistently as had long been my habit. Thus, I opted for private Pilates training sessions so that when my alarm clock went off two or three times a week at 6 am, I wouldn’t simply roll over but instead get up and head to my scheduled Pilates session. I knew that my practical upbringing would overcome my desire for sleep so that I would get the benefit of the financial investment I was making in Pilates training. Pilates helped me get back into a more regular training program.

FullSizeRender (4)How has Pilates amplified your body (and/or) your mind (and/or) your life?

Pilates supports my goal of continuous personal growth. While there is a constancy to the application of Pilates principles, there is always the opportunity to go deeper and explore the extent of one’s bodily control and rhythm. Over the years, I’ve had folks ask me how I can stick with a training program like Pilates that is regimented and routine. While that is how the uninitiated may see Pilates, that is not Pilates. Pilates is a constant source of discovery about your mind and your body. That is what it is for me.

What do you enjoy most about training at Amplified?

I most enjoy the quality of the instructors at Amplified Pilates. I have been working with Amplified’s owner, Angie Pawlicki, since Amplified’s doors open. She is nothing short of an excellent instructor. She imbues just the right mix of discipline and personality to work with a range of clients from beginner to experienced. You can see in her teaching the fruits of her many years of training as a rhythmic gymnast; she deeply understands movement and the optimal recruitment of the body’s many parts to achieve desired movement.

FullSizeRender (3)How does your body feel after you leave your sessions?

Each Pilates session is nothing short of a wakeup call. While that wakeup call is not always welcome at the start, it is by session’s end, leaving my body and mind feeling invigorated and stronger for the experience. I must confess though that, as the day progresses, my body begins to feel weary from my morning exertions at Amplified.

Why would you recommend Pilates @ Amplified to others?

I would recommend Amplified Pilates first and foremost for the quality of its instructors. Second, I would recommend Amplified Pilates for the diversity and extent of its equipment.

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