January Client of the Month: Rebecca Keen

FullSizeRender (4)When our coaches reflected on 2015, we had numerous clients that have improved tremendously with their Pilates training. However, one client really stood out.  Rebecca Keen has worked very hard over 2015 with weekly privates and roughly 2-4 group classes a week.  Her strength and alignment has vastly improved.  Her form and control has been her greatest stride.  Because of this, we asked her to be our January 2016 client of the month and to tell her story!

As our most improved client for 2015… what are the biggest differences you have seen in your body? 

Strength in my core and my posture has improved. My dance coach tells me constantly that my core is tight, which has helped improved my dancing, which is my other love next to Pilates.

3 Words to best describe Pilates at Amplified 

Love. Strength. Energy.

What was your overall health and fitness prior to adding Pilates into your workout regime? 

I was a cardio junkie, spin, spin, spin… After I became sick, post my diagnosis (see below), I gained a lot of weight and my body fat went up even though I was doing 1-2 cardio classes a day. I knew, even though I was anaerobically fit (cardio type classes), I needed to change.

FullSizeRender (5)When did your Pilates adventure begin?

My adventure begin, when I was diagnosed with my autoimmune disease. According to my doctors, Anaerobic exercises needed to be a 1-2 weekly pleasure, but not to be at high intensity go all out till and you are out of breathe (Anaerobic are cardio exercises and I need to focus on aerobic exercises, which is resistance and weigh bearing)
Under “doctor’s orders” I began to explore many types of exercise including walking, weight lifting, Pilates. All offered some benefit. Then after taking a class at Amplified, I knew this was going to offer the greatest benefit to my healing journey, body and mind.

You typically come in 3 + times a week for Pilates. How has your consistency and hard work paid off in your mind?   

I feel that I have more energy overall due to Pilates. Pilates has strengthened my weaker muscles, especially my core muscles in my abdomen and lower back, and has really made a positive change to my overall functional movement (i.e improved my swing dancing and lindy).

You take both privates and group classes.  Why do you think this is the perfect combination?  Can you tell us how both privates and group classes are beneficial?  

I have different goals with my privates vs. group classes. For my group classes, with consistency, I have become stronger in every sense with my body. With my privates, it is focused on deep stretching to target those muscles that I can get to from other days.

How has Pilates amplified your body (and/or) your mind (and/or) your life? 

Because our mind is required to work with our body to perform the Pilates movements correctly, I have experience a new awareness of muscle function and control. Granted I will never have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, but Pilates will get me as close as it gets to having long, lean, and feminine muscles. Since, my diagnosis and doing Pilates on a regular basis I have lost weight, lost fat (that is huge) and I am on my journey to getting a stronger and more focused ME. I never got that far when I was a cardio junkie.

What do you enjoy most about training at Amplified? 

First off, the personal connection with each of the coaches. They take time to know you, and your body. Everyone I have ever trained with knows what I am capable of and they also know my limitations. Second, it is my sanctuary. No one judges only positive pushes.

How does your body feel after you leave your sessions? 

I feel balanced. When I don’t come in or I have to miss a session, my day is off.

Why would you recommend Pilates @ Amplified to others? 

I can recommend Pilates at Amplified without reservation. I do not mean to say that every person will be able to perform every Pilates exercise. But that’s the beauty of it – exercises can be modified so that people at all different fitness levels can experience success with a specific movement

I strongly feel that with the help one of the amazing instructors at Amplified and the individual attention they give you in class, you can find the best Pilates exercises or postures to help you specifically – whether it be trying to increase a level of function within your body or just improving your athletic ability.

Do you have a favorite piece of equipment?

Ladder Barrel, or as I call it the horse. I love using this equipment for the intense yet deep stretches on my legs.

Do you have a favorite exercise?

Short Spine. I feel it is a simple exercise, but the most challenging with the level of control.

FullSizeRender (6)Anything you would like to add…. 

“Leap and the Net will Appear” My point in a nutshell is that Pilates changed my body and my life. What I tried for years to get from running, cycling and every other sport other there–I got from Pilates in a few months. I think there is a physical activity of choice out there for everyone–one that’s enjoyable and that produces the best fitness results–but I also think that knowing how to use your body is the basis of enjoying physical activity over the course of a lifetime. And, the truth is that since most of us spend the majority of our time sitting behind screens, it’s not hard to imagine that we fall into bad muscular habits, ones that are hard to break without someone pointing them out to us.

Pilates was my reset button for both healing, fat loss and improved body mechanics. I’ve been in classes next to everyone from marathoners to grandmothers to men who can’t their toes and women with back injuries, so no matter if you want it to be your dedicated workout or to help you improve your performance in other activities, I think everyone can benefit from a Pilates class at Amplified. Hopefully, one day you will join me in class… I want to thank those who have coached me along this journey and to those who I practice next to in class. Your energy, inspires me and has pushed me to want to take my practice further and start another phase in my journey.

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