February/March Instructor of the Month

This month we are featuring an Instructor of the Month… Kiley Hearn our Master Group Instructor! Kiley is obviously an Amplified favorite instructor. She has been with us for the last 2 1/2 years and we absolutely love her! She may be petite, fun and smiley but don’t let that fool you because she has also been fondly referred to as “Killer Kiley” by clients/other instructors who take her classes. Here is a little inside scoop into one of your favorite instructors…

IMG_5395 (1)Tell us how your Pilates career began?
I was a gymnast, diver and dancer, which drew me to Pilates. The summer after I graduated, my mom was taking Pilates at a studio in Madison, WI and brought me along, I immediately feel in love with it and started training to be an instructor right away!

How long have you been teaching?
Going on 5 years now

Why do you love teaching Pilates?
I believe it is truly beneficial to every body(get it?!) in all stages and aspects of life, and I’ve met some amazing clients along the way!

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Cheese, I’m from Wisconsin 🙂

What is your favorite workout besides Pilates?

Favorite tv show?
Mad Men

5933_819668156367_8629686_50392328_7249284_n (1)What book are u currently reading?
The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up – the Japanese art. Everyone should read this!

Favorite Pilates exercise?
Elephant on chair because I get to be upside down!

Least favorite Pilates exercise?
I honestly don’t have one that I dread doing.

Favorite piece of equipment?
Reformer, but chair is close runner up.

What is your go to breakfast?
A smoothie

Do you have a favorite client story?
One time I asked a client to lie down and put her cheek on the headrest, I went to grab a prop and turned around and she had put her butt cheek on the headrest instead of her face cheek (you know who you are), we laughed for at least 5 minutes! Now I always clarify which cheek I’m referring to

Where is your hometown?
Madison, WI

IMG_2854What your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?
Go try a new restaurant or go see one of the touring Broadway shows

Tell us one thing about yourself that Amplified clients would be surprised by?
I won Wisconsin state diving twice

How many marathons have you ran?
Technically 3, but I’ve trained for 4, my first marathon got cancelled due to extreme heat

Name something off your bucket list?
Go sky diving!

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