June 2016 Client of the Month: Melissa Ostrander

This month we are celebrating a client that began her Pilates journey at Amplified in December 2014.  She admits that her first class was a challenge.  She struggled to hold a plank and worked her butt off!  But she didn’t let this stop her.  She has consistently attended class twice a week since Spring 2015.  Fast forward to May 2016, she took class with an instructor that she hadn’t seen in awhile.  This instructor was blown away by Mel’s change.  She is stronger and leaner! She has better posture and kick ass Pilates form! She looks fabulous AND now she can hold a rock star plank!
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We (Amplified Instructors) love teaching Mel and are thankful for her hard work, her smile and the fabulous energy she brings to each and every class.  


What was your overall health and fitness prior to adding Pilates into your workout regime? 
Melissa: I typically would spin at Flywheel, Run- more like a jog 🙂  and then try to get in kickboxing or sculpting class on the weekends.

List 3 Words to best describe Pilates at Amplified
Melissa: Positive, Refreshed, Motivated

How has Pilates amplified your body?
Melissa: I love the results I can see in my body– muscles that I never knew were there are starting to show, clothes fit better and people are starting to notice the changes to my body. It’s the best feeling to get compliments from friends & family! 

How has Pilates amplified your life? FullSizeRender (10)
Melissa: I tell people all the time, Pilates has been the only workout that I’ve done where I don’t think about anything else during class except for what I’m doing there.  Not only do I feel stronger, but I always feel less stressed after class!  

Do you have a favorite exercise? 
Melissa: Pull ups, inner thigh side splits and anything that makes my bootie burn!

Any favorite class moments? 
Melissa: I’m a big fan of Saturday classes when a few of my girlfriends and I can coordinate class times.  We start our mornings with Pilates, followed by brunch and bubbly! 🙂

What do you enjoy most about working out at Amplified?
Melissa: The instructors and how great I feel at the end of every class!

FullSizeRender (11)How does your body feel after you leave? 
Melissa: It feels amazing!  I feel stronger, have better posture, stand up taller and leave with shaky muscles! I also love that I always leave with a clear head 🙂

Why would you recommend Pilates @ Amplified to others? 
Melissa: I absolutely love everything about Amplified—from the quaint studio to the amazing teachers!  Everyone is so welcoming, encouraging & NICE.  One of the reasons I hesitated at trying Pilates was because I felt so intimated.  Not at Amplified.  From the minute I walked in the door, I felt welcomed.  Angie knew I was a newbie &  feeling a bit nervous–but made me feel completely at ease during class; taking the extra time to help me out while not making me feel like I was a total lost cause!  Both Angie and Kiley are so encouraging!  When you think there is no way you can do a certain exercise, they are there reminding you that you can do anything you put your mind to.

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