August 2016 Client of the Month: Maura McIntyre Neville

What was your overall health and fitness prior to adding Pilates into your workout regime?

I was an avid runner in college, but, once I started working, I was only making it to the gym a couple of times a week.  

Why did you decide to begin Pilates?

I had been having a lot of pain in my hips.  After trying PT for a while, I reached out to the instructors at Amplified to see if Pilates could help. 

MauraMike_0175How many times a week do you practice Pilates? 

When I first started in 2012, I took private classes with Angie twice a week.  In 2013, I practiced with Angie up to three times a week to get in shape for my wedding.  Now that Amplified offers group classes, I try to do one group class and one private per week. 

How has Pilates amplified your body (and/or) your mind (and/or) your life?

 Pilates has changed my life in a number of ways.  First, it completely cured my hip and lower back pain.  I used to wake up with really sore hips and lower back pain every morning – I noticed a great improvement within just a few months.  I was worried that during my pregnancy my hip and lower back pain would come back, but I never had any issues!  Second, I got my mom to join in on the fun — we started doing duet sessions together in 2013 and now make it a point to do a group class together every Saturday – it’s been wonderful to find an exercise class that challenges both of us.  Finally, it has grounded my fitness routine – no matter what I have going on with work or family, I make sure to go to Pilates at Amplified at least once a week!  
FullSizeRender (19)

How long did you do Pilates throughout your pregnancy? 

I was able to do Pilates throughout my ENTIRE pregnancy (I think the pregnancy pictures were taken at 39 or 40 weeks).  One of the incredible things about Pilates is that it is good for everyone and exercises can be modified for anyone. I was able to participate in group classes with some modifications until about 34 weeks and then I continued to meet with Angie in private sessions until a few days before I delivered (at 41 weeks).  

FullSizeRender (18)Do you believe Pilates was beneficial to do throughout your pregnancy? Why? 

Pilates was incredibly beneficial during my pregnancy.  It kept me in shape and pain free.  It also helped prepare me for my labor/delivery (which went very quickly).  

How soon after Reese was born did you return to class?  

I returned to Pilates about six and a half weeks after Reese was born.  I got the okay from my doctor to start exercising and emailed Angie on the way home from the doctor’s office to schedule a private session!  I was very excited to get back in the studio. 

How has Pilates helped you after Reese was born?  FullSizeRender (20)

It has helped me keep my energy up and given me the strength to lug the baby, the car seat and the stroller back and forth from my car to my second floor apartment without killing my back!

What do you enjoy most about training at Amplified? 

I love the instructors – they are so incredibly attentive during each session – making sure that your form is correct so that you don’t injure yourself and making sure that everyone in the session challenges themselves.  

Do you have a favorite piece of equipment?

The jumpboard (I missed it a lot in the later half of my pregnancy)! 

Do you have a favorite or least favorite exercise? 

I have a love/hate relationship with the push-up/downward dog/plank series Angie put me through leading up to my wedding — I called it the “thank you later” series — I hated doing it, but loved how my arms looked afterwards! 

3 words to best describe Pilates at Amplified? 

 Fun. Challenging. Rewarding.



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