November 2016 Client of the Month: Vicki Miller

fullsizerender-3 Vicki Miller began Pilates at Amplified in October of 2015!  Our Amplified instructors selected Vicki as our November Client of the Month, because we were greatly impressed when we reflected on her progress over the last year. Her posture is beautiful.  Her strength is undeniable. Last but not least she works her butt off! She may be 68 years old but if you’ve taken class next to Vicki you would never know it.  She is kickin’ it with our 25 year old clients and often is hanging on and pulsing when everyone else has quit.  She is a pleasure to teach and an inspiration to all Amplified clients. 

Take a peak at what Vicki has to say about her Amplified experience…

What was your overall health and fitness prior to starting Pilates at Amplified? 
In addition to Pilates, walking and yoga, I have a sound background in good health due to a history of wise choices in application of both allopathic and homeopathic health care. I’ve also had my share of bumps along the way.

What is the biggest difference that you have noticed in your bodyfullsizerender because of Pilates? 
Flexibility, strength and body tone. My core strength, in particular, has increased dramatically. Pilates has also improved my posture and overall body strength.

How many times a week do you attend group classes at Amplified?
2 times per week

How has Pilates amplified your your mind body connection?

I have experience improved will-power, discipline and concentration, as well as an enhanced sense of well-being, self-esteem, positive energy and greater confidence in resolving problems as they appear.

What do you enjoy most about working out at Amplified?
The challenge, esprit d corps, and the energy of teamwork in class.

fullsizerender-1How does your body feel after you leave? 
Appropriately exhausted, yet physically satisfied.

Why would you recommend Pilates @ Amplified to others?
The individual attention from the skilled instructors who tailor their input to each individual based on their knowledge of each person’s physical structure; the focus is on a the workout.

Least favorite exercise?
I enjoy the challenges of each aspect of Pilates and view the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Any favorite class moments?
The joy I feel after each class — I made it!!

How has Pilates amplified your life? 
I feel fortunate that I have found a home at Amplified Pilates. I have been amazed at the positive benefits my body has been able to attain through the inspiration of the instructors to work hard in Pilates. I now get what my friend’s “runners high” is all about as I experience that high in Pilates.

What 3 words would you us to describe Pilates at Amplified?
“Edutaining”, Challenging and Inspiring

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