May 2017- Instructor in Training

New Amplified Instructor in Training:


Kat received her Pilates Certification through Pilates Sports Center here at Amplified.  She was invited into our Instructor in Training Program.  Although she is a fully certified instructor, she is partaking in our “instructor boot camp” in order to learn even more than she already knows.

While in our Instructor in Training Program

Email Angela at to schedule.

Get to know Kat…

How did you first come across Pilates? 
In college as a dance major, I took a semester of Mat Pilates as an elective and fell in love. I honestly thought it was going to be like yoga and had a major awakening very quickly.

How did your Pilates career begin?
I started taking equipment classes as much as I could at Amplified and from there the seed was planted to pursue Pilates further. I connected with the mindset and approach to teaching that Amplified had and knew I wanted to do my instructor training there if possible; the timing was right, training was amazing, and here I am about to start my career at Amplified!

Why are you excited to join the Amplified Instructor in Training program?
So many reasons! I truly believe in Amplified’s philosophy and am thrilled to have the chance to pass it on to others. The IIT program is so unique and such a great opportunity for me to expand on the building blocks given to us in training. I’m especially excited to expand my comfort zones in both teaching others and my own Pilates practice. Amplified has such a strong team of instructors and I can’t wait to learn from them all.

What is your favorite piece of equipment?
The Cadillac!

Favorite cheat meal?
Ice cream of any kind. And yes, I could make an entire meal out of it.

Dream place to travel to?

Favorite Chicago restaurant?
Ema or RPM Italian. 

Do you have a favorite exercise?
Not going to try and hide it: Leg Circles. All day, every day!

Anything on your bucket list?
To run a full marathon! Which if you know me, you know how ridiculous that is.

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