August/September 2017 – Instructor in Training

New Amplified Instructor in Training:


Mandie just moved to the Windy City and we are thrilled to have her join our Amplified Instructor in Training Program.  Although she is a fully certified instructor, she is partaking in our “instructor boot camp” in order to learn even more than she already knows.

with Mandie

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Get to know Mandie…

How did you first come across Pilates?  
I was first introduced to Pilates in college, where I took my very first introduction class under Dolly Kelepecz. It was after that class I feel in love with Pilates, and I knew I wanted to keep learning and decided to attain my Pilates certification.

How did your Pilates career begin?
My Pilates career is actually just beginning, which makes me very excited and eager to start teaching! Even though this is just the start for me, I am so ready to begin the Instructor in Training Program and get to grow even more as a Pilates Instructor!

Why are you excited to join the Amplified Instructor in Training program?
The second I walked into Amplified for the first time, I could feel the true love everyone had for each other, and I could not wait to become apart of the Amplified family! This studio definitely stood out to me as a place I wanted to grow and learn, and I am beyond excited to get to do all that in the Instructor in Training program!

What is your favorite piece of equipment?
I would have to say my favorite piece of equipment is the reformer! Whenever I workout on the reformer, I feel my entire body working from the inside out. The uses for it are also endless; there is not one muscle in the body that could not be exercised on the reformer!

Favorite cheat meal?
If I could, I would eat Mac and Cheese everyday! I also have a very big sweet tooth, and Dark Chocolate and Sour Candy are definitely my weakness!

Dream place to travel to?
I love to travel and one of the top items on my bucket list is to step foot on every country. Since I have a long ways to go, my dream place to travel to at this moment is Thailand! It has been on my list to visit for a very long time, and I have yet to adventure to that part of the world.

Favorite Movie?
 I might be biased, because I am a dancer, but Dirty Dancing is by far one of my favorite movies! I could watch it multiple times in one sitting, and nothing can beat the ending finale dance scene.

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon!

Why do you love teaching Pilates?
I discovered my love for teaching in high school, when I taught my first dance class. From then on, I knew teaching was apart of my life, and I haven’t stopped since. Pilates is a big passion and love in my life as well, and I truly believe it has changed my life for the better. Getting to combine both my love for teaching and my love for Pilates is a dream come true, and I am so lucky to get the opportunity to share it with others!

When you are not teaching Pilates what will you be doing?
When I am not teaching Pilates, you can definitely find me dancing all over the city. Along with Pilates, I am also a dance teacher, and currently working toward achieving my goal of becoming a professional dancer. So whenever I find free time, I try to take class as much as possible.

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