Pilates was started by a man for men!

photo 4Many people forget this important fact and think that Pilates is for women and dancers. We started BROLATES® to remind men that this isn’t the case! We wanted to bring Pilates back to it’s hard core roots and remind everyone that Pilates is great for men of all ages and all fitness levels! Our BROLATES® classes and sessions are tailored to our male clients needs that include both strength and flexibility. Amplified Pilates will work your upper body, lower body and your core, while also improving your posture and flexibility. All of these components together help make a strong and healthy body.

No matter what your goals are we offer multiple BROLATES® options. If you are looking for the most personalized session then Privates are your answer. It you have 1 other bro that you want to sweat with then Duets are the perfect fit! Got a group of guys? Check out our 4 Person Group BROLATES® Class. Contact us for more information.

BROLATES® will not only leave you feeling better and looser, it will also leave you feeling stronger!

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