GROUP CLASSES — Rates & Schedule

Our Mind Body online scheduler will allow you to see our  group class schedule, reserve and pay for your classes. Our group class schedule goes up monthly.  Booking opens the last Sunday of previous month at 12 pm CT.

Click here to schedule your classes


Class Packages

Class Package Per Session Program Price
1st Time Class Rate $28 n/a
Introductory Package- 3 Classes

(Offer only valid for purchase same day as 1st class. Expires 3 months from date of purchase.)
$33.33 $100
1 Class $40 n/a
5 Classes $36 $180
10 Classes $30 $300

Package Price must be paid in full at first session and sessions purchased expire 6 months from date of first session. All sales are final. No transfers or extensions.

VIP Group Class Memberships

8 Group Classes a Month – $215                           12 Group Classes a Month – $299 


  • Best Class Rates Available
  • Early Registration Access
    • Class requests must be in an email notice to anytime after the 20th and prior to the last Sunday OF THE PREVIOUS MONTH.  Classes are subject to availability. Member can still use VIP membership after this deadline but will not be eligible for early registration. 
  • Auto-Renew Membership
    • Membership must be cancelled with a written email notice to 30 days prior to your upcoming auto renewal billing date. 
  • Memberships always begin on the 1st of the month.
    • Purchase through the contracts tab at our online store by clicking here
    • Set start date to the 1st of the following month when purchasing memberships. 
  • Cancellation Policy Applies – No transfers, extension or roll overs – No holds or freezes
  • No Show Policy
    • A No Show occurs if member does not cancel AND does not show up for the scheduled class. If member is a No Show, member will be charged $15 and additionally will lose the class credit. We greatly appreciate if members cancel as far in advance as they possibly can, out of respect for their instructor and the other class participants and Amplified clients who may be waitlisted. 

The AMP’D Program

If you have 5 friends, co-workers or loved ones that you can gather together to create a group this is a great option for you.  As a thank you for organizing your group we will give you “the organizer” 20% off your package price.   You and 5 of your friends pick a 4 week, 8 week or 12 week program.  Work with our team to find your weekly day/time to meet. Your group commits to the same day/time each week- for example, every Friday at 5:30 for 4, 8 or 12 weeks.  There are no make-up classes within the program.

Program Organizer
20% discount included
Other Group Members
4 Week Program $120 $150
8 Week Program $216 $270
12 Week Program $280 $350