Angela Pawlicki
Studio Founder,
PSC Master Teacher Trainer


Angela’s movement background began at a young age as a nationally ranked rhythmic gymnast. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Education, Choreography, and Performance from Ohio University. After college, Angie pursued her love of Pilates by completing a 600 hour comprehensive certification through Power Pilates and has been teaching since 2004. She is Pilates Method of Alliance certified, CoreAlign 1, 2 &3 certified, Redcord certified and Fusion Pre and Post Natal certified. Angie’s extensive background in movement and teaching movement helps her clients get the workout they want and need! She was a Pilates Manager at Equinox Fitness Club for 7 years as well as a Teacher Trainer for the Equinox Pilates Certification Program.  She is now a Pilates Sports Center Master Teacher Trainer, who runs the Pilates teacher training program at Amplified.

IMG_7889Angela opened Amplified Pilates Center  in pursuit of creating an energized and inviting studio that customizes individual sessions in order to help clients amplify their body, mind and life. She believes that because we only get one body in our lifetime, we must challenge our bodies, continuously pushing our limits to achieve goals.

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She also believes in adhering to the foundation that Joseph Pilates created in the classical teaching, but also believes that if Joe where alive today his method and teaching would continue to evolve and grow. Therefore, she continues to take continue education yearly and educate herself so that she can offer a classical and an amplified Pilates approach to her clients.

Kiley Hearn
Director of Group Classes, PSC Master Teacher Trainer


5933_819668156367_8629686_50392328_7249284_n (1)It is Kiley’s mission to inspire clients to maximize their minds, bodies and spirits through the Pilates method. She has taught men and women from ages 16-82, with varying abilities from athletes, those with muscular or structural imbalances and just the average person looking to get in shape and be healthy. She has worked with many bodies and all have experienced the benefits of a stronger core, improved posture, balance, flexibility, and longer musculature.



Kiley’s first experience with Pilates was in 2005 when she tried Mari Winsor DVDs and has loved Pilates ever since. As a gymnast, diver, dancer, cyclist and marathon runner, she has found Pilates to be incredibly beneficial in all of her activities and daily life. She holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and completed a 600 hour comprehensive training program through Core Dynamics through Marissa Lins at the Midwest Pilates Institute. She received her certification in 2011. She is classically trained, but likes to add in a contemporary style to her teaching as well.


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She aspires to teach clients to work toward a balanced lifestyle through healthy movement and living. Each client’s needs are specific and Kiley will work with you to meet your individual goals. As Joseph Pilates said, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” She looks forward to her continued study of Pilates and sharing her love of Pilates at Amplified.


Hailey Wood, Coach

image1 (1)Hailey grew up in Olympia, WA where she began the art of dance at the young age of 5 and continued her passion through college. She recently graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a BFA in Dance Education and Choreography. While at the University she began studying the art of Pilates and fell in love with it Pilates has not only been an excellent workout for her but also helped to strengthen her body as a dancer. Hailey received her certification in Pilates under the direction of Dolly Kelepecz, Owner/ Director of DK Pilates. She has been teaching many forms of dance and strength training for over 6 years and is thrilled to add Pilates to the list. Hailey just recently moved to Chicago and can’t wait to help clients become the best version of themselves. She is excited to help clients amplify their body, mind and life!

Kat Wiersum, Coach


A native of Chicagoland, Kat started dancing at the age of two and pursued dance through college, training at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City and graduating with a BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago. While studying at Columbia, Kat discovered her true passion for fitness and overall health. Conditioning classes with Matthew Hollis and Mat Pilates with Kym Costa created the building blocks for exploring these new movement vocabularies. After a semester of Mat Pilates, a work/study program at One Hundred Fitness under Kyle Seguin introduced Kat to Pilates Equipment and showed that Pilates was the key to bridging her dancer past with her fitness future.

Upon taking her very first group equipment class at Amplified, Kat knew that she had found the studio where she belonged and immediately connected with Amplified’s mindset and approach to Pilates. Kat decided she wanted to further her practice and teach others to find the joy she had found through Pilates and completed her 450-hour Pilates Instructor Certification in Mat, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Reformer through Amplified Pilates Center. She then was offered a position at Amplified in our exclusive Instructor in Training Program.  Having graduated from this program, Kat is officially part of the Amplified team and is excited to share her love of Pilates with others.

Mandie Evans, Coach


Originally from Portland, Oregon, Mandie grew up dancing.  Beginning at a very young age, Mandie found her passion in dance and trained competitively in the Northwest area for seven years. She continued this training throughout college, where she graduated with a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2017. It was there, that Mandie discovered a new passion and love for Pilates, and she began her training to attain her certification. Mandie received her Pilates Certification under the direction of Dolly Kelepecz, who is the founder and owner of DK Body Balance.  Teaching has also been a big part of Mandie’s life, as she taught at her local dance studio throughout high school, and continued to teach at local studios in the Las Vegas area for the last four years. Through her love of dance, Mandie saw the true benefit and impact Pilates had not only on herself, but also on her dance companions. This realization caused her to want to make a career of Pilates and share its values with as many people as she can. Mandie just recently made the big move to the Windy City, and is beyond excited to get to share her love and passion of Pilates with everyone at Amplified.

Shantala Campoverde, Coach


FullSizeRender (11)Shantala discovered Pilates in 2011 when she was offered a free class to try it out.  Immediately she became hooked.  Active her whole life, this was the first time she felt a form of exercise that actually helped her body feel better.  After practicing dance and competing in gymnastics for most of her childhood and teenage years, Shantala began suffering from severe back pain.  Not only did Pilates strengthen her body, it completely relieved her body of the back pain she had suffered for so many years.

In 2014 Shantala completed her Pilates reformer certification and started her career teaching.  In the fall of 2015 she completed Pilates Mat training.  She has just recently completed Amplified’s Pilates Sports Center Cadillac and Chair, making her a comprehensive Pilates instructor.

Shantala is very passionate about teaching and hopes that her passion for Pilates resonates to her clients.  Her teaching style is a mixture between classical and contemporary.  And she loves to give you that extra push.  She wants to teach people to love their bodies by taking care of it and really find their strength inside and out.

Shauna Daou, Coach 


fullsizerender-13After being a high school English teacher for 15 years, Shauna decided she wanted to continue her passion for teaching but in a different field, another one of her loves: Pilates. She had always been very involved in fitness whether it be running, cycling, boxing, weight training, etc., but Pilates was the one workout that always made her feel taller, leaner, more toned, and rejuvenated after each workout.  Shortly after Shauna left the classroom, she discovered the PSC Teacher Training program at Amplified Pilates Center. It seemed like it was meant to be: Shauna should become a Pilates instructor! As soon as she started the training, she knew she had made the right decision. She immersed herself in the 450 hour certification, completing many more hours than the program required and loved every minute of it!  She graduated from the program in September 2016 and was invited to enter Amplified’s Instructor in Training Program.  After excelling in this program Shauna is thrilled to join the Amplified team.

Shauna believes that Pilates benefits everyone! When working with clients, she aims to provide a well-rounded, safe, challenging workout which caters to the client’s individual needs and goals. Shauna looks forward to learning more about Pilates both from the gifted instructors she is surrounded by at Amplified and through workshops to enhance her practice. She is also looking forward to sharing her love of Pilates with her clients.


Stephen McClure, Coach


Steve McClure HeadshotStephen came to Pilates from martial arts, kickboxing and personal training.  One of his kickboxing students introduced him to Pilates in 2002 and he completed a certification in AFFA Mat Science that same year.  Stephen earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University where he specialized in Behavior Modification and Humanistic Psychology.  He believes strongly in the mind-body connection and the complete unification of mind, body and spirit.  Stephen has been teaching in the fitness industry since 2000, since 2010 in rehabilitation settings for Chiropractors and Physical Therapists.

In 2004 Stephen entered into Peak Pilates Comprehensive program where he trained and apprenticed until 2007 when he was awarded his Comprehensive certification.  In 2006, Stephen started studying yoga to help him better understand the roots and foundation of Pilates.  In 2012, Stephen entered the Peak Pilates certification program as a Teacher Trainer apprentice.

Stephens’s philosophy is to teach the body in front of him and that Pilates is for everyone, from the de-conditioned to the elite athlete. He enjoys progressing clients in a safe and effective manner linking exercises intelligently with purpose, rhythm and fluidity. Stephen focuses on uniform development, correcting and conditioning the body, mind and spirit through movement.

Favorite ‘Joe quote’:  “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

April McKameyInstructor in Training

April first experienced Pilates in 2006 when she moved from Denver, CO to Chicago and wanted to find a complimentary workout to running. It was love at first plank when introduced to the reformer! After working many years as a graphic designer, spending long hours behind a computer, April decided it was time to change career paths and opt for a healthier lifestyle.

She completed her comprehensive training program at Amplified Pilates Center completing over 450 hours   in Mat, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Reformer to become PSC Certified in February 2017. Wanting to be a part of the Amplified team, April joined the Instructor in Training Program.  She brings enthusiasm, patience and commitment to share the Pilates lifestyle with everyone.

She looks forward to meeting each client and creating a program that will guide them towards a sense of ease, strength, and awareness with their body. April has a particular interest in rehabilitative Pilates and will continue her Pilates training to assist individuals with conditions like osteoporosis, MS, injury rehab and neurological issues.

Jennifer Rutili, Instructor in Training

Always active in sports, Jennifer began teaching Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do throughout high school and college.  Unfortunately, all that wear and tear on her body led to the development of scoliosis.  Preferring to avoid surgery and improve her scoliosis through exercise, she began researching and found Pilates mentioned as one of the best options, time and time again.

Determined to find her Pilates home, Jennifer took over 500 classes on ClassPass, and realized Amplified was the one Pilates studio she kept returning to.  Impressed with the challenge, variation, and accessibility of every class, and the impressive knowledge of the instructors, Jennifer decided to enroll in Amplified’s Teacher Training Program.  She graduated from Amplified’s comprehensive Pilates training program in February of 2017, completing 450 hours in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair. 

Jennifer believes Pilates should be an integral part of everyone’s health and fitness journey, whether they are just beginning or have a couple of marathons under their belt, and fully complements any cross-training program.  What other form of exercise helps to improve your posture, protects your back and joints, and helps correct muscular and skeletal imbalances?  Whether you are looking to strengthen your core, gain flexibility, or increase muscle tone, Pilates can do it all!