If you are looking for…_MG_7725

  • suspension based training

  • alignment focused

  • strength based

Try Redcord!

Redcord is a unique and effective concept for functional training.  Redcord uses body weight and slings in order to challenge your strength and alignment.  A unique blend of applied scientific knowledge, patented equipment and guided advice from our instructors help this suspension training to be effective and safe.

Bridging the gap between performance oriented training and rehabilitation from injury is the Redcord approach. Redcord is more than just sling exercise therapy. Comprehensive knowledge of the body, exercise science and alignment underlies a unique active training method.


Redcord is hung from 2 different suspension points.  Your session will be focused on alignment and doing the exercises correctly.  What you learn during your sessions will  help take your other workouts to the next level!