TESTIMONIALS – Client Success Stories


I have never been disappointed in a session. Angie is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to my health and well-being. As long as I practice Pilates, it will be with Angie by my side! –Shannon

_MG_8011With an insane work schedule I never had time to work out, and when I did I hated it. Becoming a mother only intensified these feelings. In January, I tried Pilates to see if it was something that could help me feel better about myself, inside and out. Working with Lesley for the past 6 months, I’ve seen a positive change in my body, energy and mindset. Lesley makes sure each session is fresh, challenging and helps me get closer to my goal of well-being. She is a great trainer who really cares about getting the results you want. –Edina

Angie is an excellent Pilates instructor. She challenges her Pilates students, as they grow in strength and skill. I like how she breaks exercises into pieces, engaging different muscles and body parts. It’s not always evident she is doing so until she puts all the pieces together. By then, if you haven’t realized it, you feel it. I highly recommend Angie to anyone who is serious about Pilates. –Kathryn

Unlike most other Pilates instructors who are only part-time pilates instructors, Angie is totally dedicated to the practice and is truly passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals. She is much more than a pilates instructor and she has motivated me to work harder and get healthier. The results I have seen with her are amazing. She is truly in a class of her own. –Molly

I started taking Pilates when I realized that I need to add something to my cardio routine that would include both stretching and strength. Pilates with Angie has has been great, she is a wonderful teacher and has kept lessons fresh, interesting and challenging. Pilates has become part of my life and something that I look forward to each week. The studio is bright, airy and easy to get to. –Valerie

Pilates was the missing link in my workout plan. I have seen a noticeable improvement in my core strength and flexibility. Pilates has also helped me develop a keen awareness and connection to my body, and how it engages both inside and outside of the gym. I’ve taken this awareness and made small changes to my posture outside of the gym that have translated into better performance in the gym. Pilates is a great complement to running, cycling, and weight training, giving me a balanced workout schedule. Amplified Pilates has top of the line equipment, welcoming space, and convenient location make for a great experience! –Angela

I am a breast cancer survivor. After all my treatments were done I wanted to do some kind ofexercise after a hard one year battle. I decided to try Pilates as the medication I was prescribed causes very stiff joints. Now I feel wonderful! It keeps you limber and joint pain free. Coming to Amplified is like being with family. –Jan

I have discovered both the mental and physical benefits of Pilates- greater flexibility; a stronger core and back that has allowed for greater ease and mobility; a longer leaner muscular frame; and overall increased strength and endurance. My private sessions are focused, challenging and fun! –Amy

I have worked with Lesley for one and a half years. She is the perfect mix of tough instructor and intuitive health professional. Lesley is focused on form and productive movement, but she brings creativity forward to each session. I would suggest Lesley to anyone- Pilates novice or expert. She doesn’t rest on her laurels and after so much time working with me has managed to re-invent the whole concept of “working out” in a way that has had a true impact on my life. –Liz

_MG_7395As a dancer, it is so important, not only to be strong, but to be connected. Working with Lesley has helped me find some really great whole-body connectivity, especially while coming back from a dance-related knee injury. Lesley keeps each session fresh so I feel like I’m learning new things each time, and working muscles I didn’t even know I had. –Sammy

After badly breaking my hand, I had to take a 6 month hiatus from yoga and was referred to Amplified Pilates as an alternative. More than a year later I am still hooked on my twice a week sessions with Lesley. Pilates has changed my entire body and has had a remarkable impact not only on my core strength but also my running and yoga practice. Lesley pays meticulous attention to every single alignment, movement and posture in all of our sessions and I’m convinced that this one on one contact has contributed to my noticeable results. –Jill

_MG_8305Practicing Pilates with Angie and Lesley over the past year has changed the shape of my body, improved my endurance, and alleviated many of my aches and pains. Thanks to them, I was able to get in great shape for my wedding and to dance all night without any hip or lower back pain! –Maura

I’ve been working with Lesley at Ampified Pilates (formally One Body) for over six months, and it has been transformational for my overall health and fitness. I came in as a weekend athlete with a nagging and recurring hip problem, and now those issues are a faint memory. I feel great! Additionally, I am now aware of my core throughout the day, and in particular during my long-distance biking and running work-outs. That never used to happen, and it is fantastic—it has made, and I’m sure will continue to make, a world of difference. –Jen


My personal trainer suggested I try Pilates to help with my chronic lower back pain. My core strength has improved, my back is strong, and my posture is excellent. The results are especially evident when I’m cycling, playing softball or beach volleyball. All of these activities require a solid core in order for me to continuously improve and reach my goals.  –John

This is my vote for Best Pilates Studio in Chicago. Huge, brand new space with advanced Pilates equipment (I can’t get enough of the Core Align!!). If you want to train with top tier instructors in a next-gen Pilates Studio, this is your place! –Ash

I have been doing Pilates for several years, and honestly have to say it does make a difference. Pilates does help to strength my core, and I always leave the studio energized. Angie is a great instructor. She really gets to know your body, your weakness, and your strengths. She does not follow a plain routine for each of her clients, instead she plans each workout to allow your body to work hard without getting hurt. At the end of the workout I have increased my energy and I am able to continue my day to day work routine. –Luis

After turning 60 I started to feel very stiff and achy when I got out of bed in the morning. After 4 months of working with Lesley I am more flexible, no stiffness and my posture and balance have improved. –Tony

This summer, I ran a half marathon, did a 70.3 triathlon & just got back from a century ride.  In all cases I was less sore & beat up, my recovery was better/faster and I had no back pain! I attribute all of this to Pilates.  In the past my back was bad for weeks after any of those events.  – Drew 

Here are my 5 top reasons (in no particular order) why I love going to Pilates: 1. Individualized coaching, focus and attention to detail. This has helped me physically as I describe below, but more importantly I have developed a much greater awareness of my body and the connection between my mind and my muscles. 2. Increased strength throughout my body. Not just core, which was the original reason I signed up, but total body improvement, from large muscle groups to small stabilizer muscles. 3. Significantly better range of motion/flexibility. 4. Overall body wellness. I feel in alignment and chronic aches and pains or problem areas have been corrected. 5. Improvement in my training for triathlons and other races. Pilates has been a great compliment to my other coached training sessions. –Scott

Group Class

Absolutely love this studio! I’ve had a chance to take classes with Angie, Kiley, Erin and Lesley all of whom were extremely knowledgeable and hands on. I appreciated their help in making sure I had the correct form and providing motivation throughout class. Classes are challenging but they make it fun while pushing you at the same time. It’s such a welcoming environment and the owner, Angie, as well as the instructors make you feel comfortable and you can tell they are truly passionate in what they do. –Trish

I love this studio! I’ve been fortunate enough to take classes with all of the instructors and they are all fantastic! Given the small class size, you definitely receive a tremendous amount of personalized attention which keeps you motivated and challenged throughout your workout! I’ll definitely be coming back time and time again. –Paola

Back Pain

IMG_8015Pilates, specifically with Angie, has completely changed my life! I used to suffer from chronic lower back pain, but since dedicated regular sessions with Angie I can count on pain-free workouts to improve my flexibility and guarantee improved posture. My body is more toned, and my back no longer aches when I wake up in the morning. I started practicing Pilates to get in shape for my wedding, and now I’m totally addicted to its healthy benefits! –Maggie

I am a runner with knee issues and Angie has played an important part in helping to strengthen my knees and the other affected areas. I have a herniated disc in my back and she has been very knowledgeable about specific exercises that will help improve my lower back strength. –Tracy

Working with Angie to strengthen my core has helped my body awareness tremendously! I no longer have hip or lower back pain since working with her. She motivates and listens to your concerns! I look forward to my sessions with her and how strong I feel afterwards! –Sheila

About a year and a half ago, I started waking up with severe hip and lower back pain. I went to a few doctors and tried physical therapy, but my hips continued to ache. Finally, I contacted Angie. After two or three months of Pilates with Angie, I stopped waking up in the middle of the night and noticed that the pain in my hips and lower back had greatly subsided. After six months, I rarely had any pain at all and, to my delight, started to notice definition in my arms and abs that I had not had since high school! –Maura

IMG_8062I decided to give Pilates a try as I suffer from a bulging disc in my lower back. Pilates has made my lower back pain virtually disappear – an outcome I never achieved from any other workout (and I practiced yoga for years). Angie is an excellent instructor – she’s a patient teacher and creates individual specific, challenging (in a good way!) sessions for me. She is one of the most professional and diligent trainers I have ever worked with. The space that she has created at Amplified Pilates is friendly, comfortable and fun – I always look forward to my sessions! –Rive

Pilates has changed my life! I have suffered from lower back pain due to scoliosis for as long as I can remember. I went to multiple orthopedists and underwent a few weeks of physical therapy, but nothing really helped with the pain. I thought I would just have to learn to deal with it forever. However, after just a few Pilates sessions, my back pain was virtually nonexistent! Lesley is always professional, friendly and knowledgeable, and she designs each session carefully to cater to your individual needs and goals. I am stronger than I’ve ever been and I plan on making a Pilates a part of my exercise routine forever! –Caitlin


IMG_8013Having exercised for many years, I was introduced to Pilates by a friend who highly recommended it. Within a matter of weeks I saw more change in my body than I ever had with any of the other forms of exercise I had tried. With Pilates I have seen much improvement in my posture which has always been one of my main concerns, as I have a tendency to slouch. I have also received many compliments from my friends and my husband about the changes in my body! As I have gotten older, my goals with my exercise routines have changed from just looking better, to staying healthy and active. I know Pilates will allow me to always do all the active things I love doing in my life. –Monika

After sitting behind a desk for work over the past several years, I started to notice my posture shift. My shoulders were hunched up and turned inward. That is when I decided to invest in private Pilates sessions with Angie at Amplified. Since working with Angie, my overall posture is better than ever. It is strong and straight. Plus, my tighter abs and leaner arms have been been an extra benefit from practicing Pilates. Having the studio just three steps off the Chicago Brown line makes it super convenient. I am so glad I decided to make this investment in my body. I love the results. –Maria

I always feel amazing after my pilates sessions with Lesley, and the benefits from my sessions are evident in my day-to-day activities. For instance, I’m very conscious about my posture now. I can feel when my shoulders are hunched over instead of pulled back and correct it. I wasn’t nearly as aware of the alignment of my body. The studio is very welcoming and accommodating. There is an ample amount of equipment which ensure that each session is unique and tailored to what is best for your body and the goals you have set. I am very pleased with my experience at Amplified Pilates. I highly recommend both pilates and the studio to anyone! –Shauna


After four children it is great to see that I still have abdominal muscles thanks to Pilates! Angie really listens to me and focuses my sessions on what I want/need to work on. She was great pre-pregnancies, during my pregnancies and post. –Heidi

I’ve been working with Angie for awhile now and I can honestly say that I have NEVER walked out of a session feeling like it wasn’t worth every penny, and that is a result of incredible teaching skills and knowledge. Pilates exercises can be very complex and “unnatural”, so it’s a must to have a teacher that can really make it easy to understand, and Angie is very talented in giving you fantastic cues, making you feel comfortable, and working with you until you really understand what you’re doing. I personally like that she takes every session seriously (while still having fun) and makes sure you maximize your valuable time and money with a great workout. The other reason I stay with Angie is because my sessions are never repetitive or boring; she is always mixing things up with new routines and challenges, pushing you to the next level of strength, and that is the key to the great results you can get with her. I have always thought of my abs as my “problem area”, and I can honestly say that even after having a baby, I have never been more proud of my stomach! Angie really knows the right way to build your abs back up after pregnancy, and I could never have looked so good in a bikini on my cruise 7 months post-baby without her! Pilates has completely changed my body-abs, arms, back, legs, butt, posture-and this studio is the best place in Chicago to do it! –Stephanie

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